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 February 25, 2024


Gentlemen of Archania,


We continue to move things forward in our pursuit of Archania's return to UOP. 


Last Thursday, February 22nd, myself and Brother Matthew Lopez-Phillips were present at the UOP Interfraternity Council meeting along with our national fraternity partner, Phi Kappa Psi.  This meeting was a mere formality and the first step in the process of beginning the work of returning to the Pacific campus.


I feel we strongly represented ourselves in this meeting to the existing fraternities on campus.  The biggest take away from this IFC meeting is that we learned the recent pledge classes for fraternities only gained as many as 3 to 8 pledges!  As Brothers Matt Davies and Joe Le Bel have reported in our Alumni board meetings, and as many of you witnessed at UOP’s Homecoming, there is not a vibrant social-Greek experience currently at UOP. 


For those of you that were able to attend Homecoming back in October, you saw just how excited University President Christopher Callahan was to engage with us. The firetruck became instantaneously famous again and rolled through campus with President Callahan hanging off the side.  We even let him ring the bell a few times. Upon meeting President Callahan, he relayed to us an understanding for the need of a complete collegiate experience; he hails from Arizona State University after all. He was completely thrilled at the prospect of our group being back on campus in a meaningful way.  A big thank you is in order to all of the Bros and Sweethearts who represented Archania at Homecoming!  You were heard and noticed.


Now a new process has begun.  It does appear that we can, and quite frankly MUST, engage with purpose alongside our chosen national partner, Phi Kappa Psi. It is imperative that WE collectively assemble our, “wish list,” to establish the pillars of Archania 2.0 that begin to align with the requirements of the national fraternity. The pillars the Board has designated are:


Traditions - What do we demand be retained? What do we wish could be retained? What are we willing to leave behind?  We must be realistic with ourselves that Archania 2.0 will be VERY different than what we all were accustomed to during our tenures.


Membership/Social - How specifically (with an actionable plan) do we plan to mobilize on campus and ensure we recruit men worthy of the Archite Creed? The Greek system needs members badly and so, we must deliver on our word when the door is officially opened to us.  With this in mind, we have the unique position to lead from the front in crafting the next generation of Greek Life at Pacific. We must fully understand the restrictions of the present campus and surmise how to leverage our traditions and our excellence to capture the hearts and minds of the current Pacifican.


Philanthropy - What partnerships do we want to align ourselves with to support the University of the Pacific and the Stockton community? 


To this end, we are forming a committee to help create a path forward for Archania 2.0.   We need a few good men to join this committee and help guide our decisions.  We anticipate the total time commitment being between 5-10 hours and the commitment lasting 30-60 days.  To assist with this committee, please email Brother Matt Davies at He will be spearheading this committee to create our action plan and bring it to the entire brotherhood for consideration and a vote.


Gentlemen, we have never been closer to an actual return to UOP than we are at this moment. We ask that you please rise to meet it with us.


Roar on,

Brent Locke

Brent Locke


Archania Alumni Association

Archania Alumni Association                                             5737 Kanan Road #161                                     Agoura Hills, CA 91301

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