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  Written by Brother Steve Cecil specially for:

 "Debauchery in the Desert" - 2022 Archania Reunion 

     Tonight we gather as Archites again

     To hoist a few and make amends

     For all the years without so much

     As a card or a call to stay in touch


Tonight we gather with reckless abandon

To unclench our brains, for “Let’s Go Brandon”

We gather together for COVID-19

The biggest shit show the world’s ever seen


     Tonight we gather together as friends

     To slap some backs and Roar again

     To talk about work and kids and cars

     To scratch our balls and smoke cigars


Tonight we gather because we can

Face to face & man to man.

What would you rather be doing instead?

In twenty years we’ll all be dead


     Tonight we gather like crows on a wire

     Like cat’s pulling chestnuts out of the fire

     We amuse ourselves and one another

     Like we’ve always done as brothers


Tonight we gather to polish the mirror

But the reflection doesn’t seem to get any clearer

So we bitch about taxes and lament the Dow

And reconnect as grown-ups now


     Tonight we gather with rhyme and reason

     To celebrate that special season

     Where the coach, the catcher the runners the batters

     The team, the sport – none of it matters


Tonight we gather, if we’ve got the mobility

To relive the days when we were nobility

We gather together to retell the story

Of Roaring Archites in Days of Glory


     Tonight we gather together, Dear Lord

     Please help us not to go overboard

     Not streak in the hotel, not sing Karaoke

     Not spend the night in the Palm Springs Pokey


Tonight we gather like next of kin

Tall and short, fat and thin

Gray and balding, deaf in one ear

Hell – even Scot Cunningham is here! (ad lib)


Tonight we gather together Sweet Jesus

Sincerest apologies to anyone who sees us

Puke in the fairway or pee on the green

Or peel one off in the ball machine


     Tonight we gather like dogs in the yard

     To play like we played before life got so hard

     We forgive old grudges, we bury the hatchet

     We chase the rabbit, we never catch it


Tonight we gather together as bros

To drink and snort things up our nose

To party so hard and long it hurts

To comfort girls who’ve lost their shirts


     Tonight we gather for wives who are harried

     For kids who graduate, then get married

     For all the burdens that each of us carried

     & divorces for reasons both multi & varied


Tonight we gather from coast to coast

To joke and laugh, to golf and boast

To act like roosters without our hens

To stuff g-strings with fives and tens


     Tonight we gather to lie like crooks

     About how wonderful everyone looks

     To whip out snaps of trophy spouses

    And fabricate vacation houses


Tonight we gather together at last

To relive a time that passed so fast

When life was simpler and we were bolder

And couldn’t believe we’d ever get older


     Tonight we gather for UOP

     For a keg on the roof, for ‘shrooms in a tree

     In the arms of someone who’d always adore us

     With nothing but the rest of our lives before us


Tonight we gather for teachers and tutors

And school before we all had computers

For Blue Books at the Student Store

And GPAs that stopped at 4


     Tonight we gather for Shower Raids

     For Fire Trucks in Homecoming Parades

     Down that ladder for Fireman’s Fling

     And into the Circle to chant and sing


Tonight we gather for the House Meeting

For an intramural game where you end up bleeding

For a House Take-Over, a Scavenger Hunt

A South Stockton stripper with a tattooed cunt


     Tonight we gather for volleyball

     For a waterfall running right down the hall

     For stealing whatever we thought we could use

     For a Ding Session where we decide the D.U.s


Tonight we gather for beers at Dad’s Point

For a dump on the Delta with a dime and a joint

For an Eye Fuck, a Fish Net, a full Goody Box

For a Gasline on Hellnight with Gorp on our cocks


     Tonight we gather for Heat-of-the-Week

     For a Day on the Green, too rummy to speak

     For crooning our favorite songs on the porch

     For icing a bong, for passing a torch


Tonight we gather to remember and tell

Of the Fish Bowl, the Flag Pole, the Emergency Bell

The Dress Dinner, the Open Bar, & the Band Frolic

The Teeter-Totter, Culture Night, the Drops Atomic


     Tonight we gather as Archania

     We knew how to entertain ya

     We didn’t give a damn about who we offended

     And we partied our ass off before it all ended


Tonight we gather to stand united

Convicted without ever being indicted

Guilty of nothing but the victimless crime

Of burning our candle both ends at a time


     Tonight we gather to mourn our charter

     Because that just makes us all try harder

     To never let them rubber stamp us

     Archites ruled this fucking campus


Also tonight we gather for the knowledge

We weren’t even taught in college

When unencumbered of job or wife

We plunged head-long into life


     Tonight we gather for those who have died

     But mostly for those who now stand by our side

     One forty-five-year friend, I think you will find

     Is worth more than 45 one-year friends combined

Archania Crest.jpg

President's Letter
Written - July 20, 2021
By: Brother / President Brent Locke

To the Men and Sweethearts of Archania:

This letter comes as an announcement letting you all know that Archania is alive and well! How do I know this? Because you are still here at the receiving end of this letter and reading it.

I know this because even during a world-wide pandemic, Archites and Sweethearts joined together online to hold a virtual meeting to check in with one another and share news, information and share stories of what happened then and what is happening now. It is because Archites through giving and caring created an endowment fund in the name of Archania, with over $100,000 in funding to provide scholarships to future leaders at UOP. It is because a group of Archites cared enough and committed themselves to form an official Archania Alumni Board, meet on a monthly basis, then discussed, created and voted to pass official bylaws which have now given functionality to our official organization, The Archania Alumni Association.

The only thing that will stop Archania now, is when the last Archite is no longer living… It is with this thought that we are writing to you to act NOW! To no longer just talk about the past, but to develop a plan for the future of Archania and future Archites.

The newly formed Archania Alumni Association board was officially formed last month (June 2021) according to the official bylaws that were officially approved and voted for by the board’s 10 members. It should be noted that the board has been meeting for over a year to implement and install these official bylaws.

Your new board members are me, Brent Locke (88), brothers Josh Jermaine (92), Trent Moffett (90), Matthew Wellek (88), Brian Tompkins (86), Matthew Lopez-Phillips (86), Russell Rheingrover (83), Elliot Bloom (83), Matt Davies (97) and John Wells (89). The new board meets monthly to discuss the future of Archania. This includes all the business of membership, fund raising, accounting, planning social events and direct communications with representatives at UOP to decide where and what Archania will be on campus.

But a board alone cannot bring about any change or any future plans without the participation of its members. It is only by YOUR dedication and participation that Archania can live indefinitely. And without your participation, Archania only becomes a memory. Eventually shelved and stored away in a historical archive.

What the new Archania Alumni Board is asking, is for all Archites and Sweethearts to now come together. To show up. To be present. To participate. To volunteer. To donate. Yes, donations are necessary and helpful, but that’s not what this letter or anything else is about. It is more important for us to understand that we need to connect and re-connect and meet face-to-face whether online or in person. To become involved in this new march forward which will decide the future of Archania.

It is with this idea that we ask you to take the first step by simply going to our new Archania website at There you can register so that we can know where you are, how to reach you and keep you apprised of upcoming events and happenings. Not only that, but you will also find some great photos that members have added from our glorious days in college.

We also cordially invite you to begin to participate by joining us for the first in-person Archania event to be held this year. Don’t miss out on the Archania Summer Soirée - a summer party to be held on Saturday, September 11th in Danville, CA.

The official flyer has all the details and you can also visit or go to for complete information. The last day to purchase tickets for this fantastic event before the price increase is Aug. 10th! Buy your tickets before August 10th at midnight to receive the $84.84 per person price. After that, the price will increase to $110 each.

A lot of work to plan and organize this event has been done and so it is very important that you RSVP/register so that we have a headcount and can accurately pay our caterers, suppliers and know how much alcohol to buy…. We are also asking you to donate items, for an auction that will take place at the event. These can be anything from golf passes, sporting event tickets, vacation homes, items from your businesses, etc.

We also have 3 sponsorship opportunities which are a DJ sponsorship for $150, a sponsorship for the Archania Band, The Baked Clams, to play for $300, and a bar sponsorship of $500. All donations including your price of admission are considered non-profit donations since the Archania Alumni Association is officially considered a 501(c)(3).

Last but not least we have reserved a block of rooms at the San Ramon Marriott located at 2600 Bishop Drive in San Ramon, CA which is only 6 miles from the party. You can reserve your room by calling (925) 867-9200 or by going to their website

This is the start of a new era. Please join us! Join us to preserve Archania now and for the future. Roar on you mighty Archites… Roar on!

Brent Locke

Archania Alumni Association

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